Dinner Rolls - Our 3 types of rolls

This week, dinner rolls are on sale.  We'd like to take this chance to let you know about the three different types we offer.

First, we have our most popular Parker House rolls.  These rolls get their name from their signature folded shape made by flattening a ball of dough and folding it in half. Legend has it that at the Omni Parker House Hotel in Boston, an angry baker threw a batch of unfinished rolls into the oven.  When the rolls came out, they had the signature shape.  We make these rolls with our white or wheat sweet dough and sell them by the dozen.

Next, our Clover Leaf rolls are also made from our white or wheat sweet dough.  Balls of dough are placed in cupcake pans, and then they are divided into three parts. The resulting roll has three rounded pieces, hence the name. Kids and adults alike love this roll because it is fun and easy to tear apart the pieces and spread butter on each one!

Finally, our last dinner roll we call a Tea Biscuit. These rolls are not really a biscuit, but rather a hearty dinner roll made from our white or wheat bread dough. They are sold by the dozen in pull-apart packages. They go great with butter and gravy. Also, try them as buns for a appetizer-sized slider.


This week dinner rolls are on sale.  Save $1 on a dozen from Monday, July 2nd through Sunday, July 8th.


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