Gluten Friendly Bakery Products

Gluten Friendly Bakery Products

Gluten-Friendly Goodness at Its Best

If you suffer from gluten intolerance, allergies or sensitivities, you don’t have to suffer with cardboard tasting bakery products as well. Our gluten-friendly line looks and tastes yummy and doesn’t make you feel yucky.

Why do we call them “gluten-friendly?” Well, even though the products are made without gluten containing ingredients, because they are baked in the same facility we cannot guarantee that the products are free of gluten.  Gluten-friendly is just our way of saying “made without gluten containing ingredients.”

Gluten-friendly products are baked fresh every Thursday (order ahead!), and they are available every day in our freezer case.

Whole Grain and White

Buns (4 pack)
Dinner Rolls (4 pack)
Pizza Crusts (8 or 12 inch) *Available in White Only

Fruit and Streusel Coffee Cakes
Cinnamon and Cinnamon Raisin Bread
Cupcakes (Chocolate, White, or Lemon)
Donut Holes

Snack Cakes*
Whoopie Pies*

*Flavors and availability on a monthly rotating basis. Call ahead or see our GF baking schedule.

GF Cookies

Need Gluten-Free support?
Check out the La Crosse Area Celiacs group