When Should I Order My Wedding Cake?

January 15, 2023

Wedding cake traditions go back as far as the Greeks and Romans. These days, people spend a lot of money to get them right. It’s not uncommon for a couple to spend weeks or months trying to find a bakery near them that can make the perfect wedding cake. 

When Should I Order My Wedding Cake

When to Order From Your Local Bakery

The timing of your initial order will partly depend on the date of your wedding. Summer and Fall weddings are very popular, so you’ll need to give the bakery more time. Winter weddings are less common, but bakeries are still busy making products for other holidays.

A good rule of thumb is to order between 4 to 6 months before your event. The designing, custom sugar work, and non-edible supplies are arranged in advance during your personalized order consultation with one of our decorators.  Final payments are made 2-3 weeks prior to the event. The finished product is made days before the wedding, so it stays fresh

Wedding Cake Ordering Process

So, what goes into a custom cake order? First, if you’re reading this you’ve already found an award-winning bakery in the La Crosse area. Then you research ideas and photos to share with us during your order consultation. Meanwhile, you’ll want to order samples of our cake or other desserts to see what flavors you like most.

Orders are placed during a personalized order consultation appointment with our cake decorators.  Final details and counts can be changed with a quick phone call up to three weeks before your event.

Look for an Appropriate Bakery

Bakeries that make custom cakes don’t always do wedding cakes. It would help if when you searched “Bakery Near Me” you also looked specifically for those that advertise wedding cakes as well. Linda’s Bakery has 50 years of experience making and designing beautiful custom wedding cakes and catering wedding desserts and cupcakes.

Check the Reviews

Always make sure to check the reviews to see what others are saying about their products.  Here at Linda’s Bakery we strive for complete satisfaction for each and every customer.  See what our customers are saying on Wedding Wire and The Knot

Research Wedding Cake Ideas

Something that will help speed up the wedding cake design process is knowing what you want in advance. There are tons of blogs and social media accounts that have detailed every step of their wedding plans.  Pinterest boards and photos are perfect to share with our cake decorators for inspiration. Take the time to note styles and decorations you liked most and present them during your order consultation. 

Try Out Their Wedding Cake Flavors in Advance

Available cake flavors are listed on our website. However, you’ll want to take some time and try them out for yourself. Schedule an order for a cake sample kit to determine which flavors you like most.  Linda’s Bakery is currently offering samples to pick up and try at home.

Find Wedding Cake Bakeries Near Me

You’ve searched for the perfect bakery for your wedding cake and found the right one. All that’s left now is to begin the process by scheduling your wedding consultation.

Linda’s Bakery is family owned and bakes all our products from scratch. We have both seasonal offerings as well as custom order availability. Contact us if you have any questions.