Breads, Buns, & Dinner Rolls

Complete your meal with bread, buns, and dinner rolls from Linda's Bakery. We bake fresh bread using only quality ingredients. You really CAN taste the difference.

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Breads, Buns, and Rolls at Lindas Bakery


  • White & Wheat Breads

    White and Wheat 

    Available in Traditional or Pullman (square) loaves.

    "Homemade" and Italian

    Our most popular white bread, soft on the inside with a chewy crust. Also available in Italian loaf.


    Our version of French bread is a long loaf white bread topped with sesame seeds. Makes great garlic bread for your meal.


    Sweet Breads

    Cinnamon and Cinnamon Raisin

    Sweet dough with a beautiful cinnamon swirl through the middle. These breads make the best French Toast!

    Frosted Cinnamon 

    Our Cinnamon and Cinnamon Raisin breads are available with a thick icing on the top. Makes for a great breakfast treat!

    Round Raisin Bread

    A cylindrical loaf of sweet bread with raisins. 

  • Buns

    Hamburger and Party Buns

    Our buns are the best! Soft texture, but with enough substance to hold together any burger or sandwich. Available in white or wheat, and always sliced.

    Hard Rolls

    Baked fresh every day, this is a crust-lover's roll. We love it with butter and ham.

    Brat Buns

    A special rye bun with sesame seeds unique to this part of Wisconsin.

    Hot Dog Buns

    Soft and always sliced (but won't come apart at the hinge).  


    No Fat or Sugar Added Breads

    White, Oatmeal, and Everything

    Try one of our three varieties of our "clean label" No Fat or Sugar Added Bread.  This bread is available every day in our freezer.

    Bavarian Pretzels

    Regular or Jumbo sized

    Try our hand made soft Bavarian pretzels. Fresh baked Friday through Sunday or by special order.

    Pretzel Buns

    For next-level burgers and sandwiches try our Soft Pretzel Buns available Friday-Sunday or by special order.

  • Dinner Rolls

    Parker House Rolls

    Our most popular dinner rolls are soft and buttery with a split down the middle. Available in white or wheat.

    Cloverleaf Rolls

    Individual round rolls split in three parts turn out to look like a muffin. Available in white or wheat

    Tea Biscuits

    These dinner rolls are made from our classic bread recipes in white or wheat.  They go great with gravy!

    Cheddar Biscuits

    Tender biscuits loaded with cheddar cheese. Available Friday-Sunday or by special order. Warm them up and enjoy.


    Variety Breads

    New! Bob's Pizza Bread

    A sandwich loaf with sun-dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, and pizza seasoning.  Makes great grilled cheese or cold sandwiches.

    8 Grain Bread

    Full of grains and seeds, this bread is not just for the birds!

    German Onion Rye

    Rich onion flavor and darkened with molasses.

    Round Light Rye

    A small round loaf with just the right amount of rye flavor. It's perfect for mini sandwiches, and it goes great with our Olive Nut Spread!

    Marble Rye

    A beautiful swirl of dark and light rye makes sandwiches look and taste delicious!

    Super Rye

    A dark rye loaf with whole grain pumpernickel rye and caraway seeds.

    Honey Oatmeal

    Just the right amount of sweetness, topped with oatmeal it makes a great breakfast toast.


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