Christmas Products

Merry Christmas from all of us at Linda's Bakery!

Christmas time is here, and Linda's Bakery is here to serve you for all of your holiday needs.  Are you busy this holiday season?  Let Linda's do some of the baking for you.  Our staff are busy like elves this time of the year baking and decorating all of our Christmas cookies, candies, and cakes.

All of our Christmas cookies are made weekly from our own recipes using only the best ingredients like butter, nuts, vanilla, and chocolates.  Our staff hand finish and pack the cookies carefully to ensure you're getting the best products for holiday gatherings or gifts.

Are you looking for a special gift?  Give your loved ones their favorite treat from Linda's.  We have cookie trays and assortments, candies and fudge, Norwegian treats, and premium fruitcake.  Or, let them pick out their favorite: Linda's gift cards are available in any amount.

We have everything you need to add the finishing touches to your holiday meal.  Pick up fresh bread, dinner rolls, or lefse, and don't forget dessert!  Call a day or more ahead and we'll have your order ready for speedy service.

We're happy to answer any questions you have about our Christmas products.  Please contact us by phone or web message:

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Christmas Cookies

  • Christmas Cut out Cookies

    We frost thousands of our cut out cookies during Christmas! You'll find festive shapes like snowmen, trees,bells and stars in the mix of our Christmas cut out variety. They're frosted in a thin icing and topped with colored sugars. 

    Ask about buying our unfrosted cut out cookies, icing and sprinkles for your own Christmas fun at home!

    Gingerbread Boys

    A must have for the holidays! Ours are decorated with M&Ms or raisins and some dipped in white chocolate! You'll even find gingerbread boys flipped upside down and decorated as Santa's reindeer!

    Coconut Butter Cookies

    A light, buttery cookie with finely grated coconut. They are shaped round and topped with red and green candied cherries or a pecan piece. 


    Made with the same delicious dough as our coconut butter cookies. These bite sized cookies are topped with red and green colored sugars.


    A bite sized cookie, with the center pressed in using just our thumbs! We make them with either holiday sprinkles and vanilla icing, or crushed pecans with maple icing.

    Peanut Butter Stars

    Our version of a peanut butter blossom, we drizzle a star shaped peanut butter cookie with dark chocolate.

  • Pecan Fingers

    A finger shaped cookie with pecans mixed in, rolled in powdered sugar for extra sweetness!

    Coconut Macaroons

    A soft and chewy sweet coconut cookie dipped in dark chocolate.

    Swedish Blondes

    A smooth, buttery cookie round with a swirl pattern on top. We add a dot of strawberry filling to one half of the cookie and dip the other half in dark chocolate! Made in large and mini size.


    A crispy, caramelized almond cookie half dipped in dark chocolate. 

    Almond Crescents

    These soft almond cookies are topped in crushed almonds and drizzled in dark chocolate. 


    Light, airy cookie with a hint of almond flavoring. This cookie is coated in powdered sugar and is melt in your mouth good!


    Almond flavored cookies in green Christmas tree and red poinsettia shapes.

    Swedish Fingers

    Finger shaped short bread cookies. We sprinkle these with red and green sugar to make them festive!

    Butter Cookies

    Traditional butter cookies available plain, sugared, or dipped in dark chocolate.

  • Norwegian Treats


    This thin, crisp deep fried cookie comes with colored sugar, white sugar or dipped in chocolate!


    Simple, but delicious, we make ours with cardamom! 

    Scrolls (Krumkake)

    Batter is pressed out into beautifully decorated irons rolled. Eat them plain or try one of our Noel Logs: chocolate dipped and filled with whipped creme!

    Cookie Trays and Assortments

    Linda's offers a wide variety of cookie trays and assortments.  Trays are great as gifts, and they complete and holiday gathering.  Trays come in the following sizes:

    • 12", 16", and 18" Party Trays
    • 12" Norwegian Treats Party Tray
    • Christmas Tree Assortment
    • 8x8 Christmas Assortment
    • Party Cookie Assortment

Other Christmas Favorites

  • Christmas Stollen

    A classic Christmas bread filled with candied fruits and nuts. We top our with icing and decorative candied red and green cherries! 

    Harold's Rum and Brandy Fruit Cake

    Our recipe, passed down from Harold Hetland who owned the bakery prior to Linda, has been a favorite for over 60 years! You'll find this hearty brandy, butter and rum batter filled with cherries, pineapple, raisins and pecans. Harold's Fruitcake is available in 1 lb or 2 lb loaves. 

    Marc's Super Fruit Cake

    A special recipe chock full of pecans, dates, and cherries held together with just enough batter. You'll find Marc's Super Fruit Cake in 1 lb or 2 lb loaves. 

  • Gingerbread Sleighs

    Hand cut gingerbread sleigh parts are glued together with royal icing and decorated, then filled full with a variety of our Christmas cookies!

    Yule Logs

    Our moist chocolate or white angel food cake filled with chocolate French silk and rolled into a log. We frost these in our chocolate buttercream frosting, to look like a real log, and decorate the top with poinsettias.

    Fudge and Candy

    We hand make our own candy including Fudge, Peanut Brittle, Divinity, and Hard Candies. Try our Chocolate Barks and Chocolate Covered Pretzels.

  • Tom & Jerry Batter

    You'll love our homemade batter in this classic Christmas cocktail! (stop by your local grocery store for Rum and Brandy)

    Special Decorated Christmas Cut out Cookies

    Check out our display cases during the holiday season to find decorated Santa Hat, Snowman and Reindeer cookies!

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