Congratulations Graduates!

Linda's Bakery would like to send a big CONGRATULATIONS to all 2019 graduates.  We would like to especially recognize our graduating senior employees: Sammy Brown, Sydney Brown, Cole Carlaw, Chase Cooper, Dani Miller, Rachel Newton, Courtney Oesterle, Carrie Pfaff, and Kylie Wright. Thanks for all of your hard work!

Graduation parties are a right of passage for high school graduates.  Plan your graduation party with Linda's Bakery in mind.  Treat your guests to the best quality cake and cupcakes in the area.  Let Linda's do your baking for you, and order bars by the dozen or arranged in a bar tray.  Complement your pulled pork, barbeques, burgers, and brats with the best quality buns available here at Linda's.  

Good luck class of 2019!

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