Save $1 on Coffee Cakes this week

Our coffee cakes are baked fresh each morning, and we always have plenty of these popular items on hand. In addition to our most popular Pecan Ring, we offer an Almond Ring with a rich almond paste filling. Also try the fruit and cream cheese coffee cakes with layers of cream cheese filling and dough topped with your favorite fruit topping.  Another coffee cake offering is our Hungarian Tea Ring, made of chunks of dough coated with a buttery caramel. Last, our Cinnamon Sugar, Streusel, and Fruit and Streusel coffee cakes are made simply from a slab of sweet dough covered in toppings.


Stop in today and pick up a coffee cake to share with friends and family. 
You can save $1 on a coffee cake for a limited time from March 23rd through March 29th.


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