Charlie Brown Cookies

Customers frequently ask us "what is a Charlie Brown cookie?"  Our Charlie Brown cookie is a soft and tender chocolate drop cookie with walnuts frosted with a swirl of chocolate icing on top.  That swirl is how the cookie got it's name.  Story has it that the swirl was reminiscent of the comic character's hair, hence the name of the cookie.

Customers love our Charlie Browns.  As a clerk, I frequently see them as a last second addition to customers' orders.  Whether you have one as a treat or bring a dozen for friends or coworkers, our Charlie Brown cookies are sure to please.  

Stop in this week and take home some Charlie Brown cookies.  Buy 3 cookies, and get 3 free.  Buy 6 cookies, and get 6 free.  We ask that each customer is limited to 6 free cookies per day, please.

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